How to Create More Mindful Skincare Moments

Looking for new ways to practice self-care?

Follow these expert tips to give your Korean beauty ritual a mindful makeover

Skincare is the ultimate self-care, but sometimes we rush through this beauty ritual as an everyday chore. By bringing mindfulness to your daily skincare routine, your sense of well-being can improve, too. At AHC, we believe that taking time to apply our formulas with precision and care helps keep your skin feeling soft – and your mind feeling soothed.

Apply face care, everywhere

In general, we tend to apply the latest science innovation, premium ingredients and dedicated time to care for our complexion– it’s the basis of the AHC Aesthebalance philosophy: advanced skincare,  thoughtful formulation and optimized application.

But, what about everywhere else? Our neck and hands in particular are exposed to just as many irritants as our face; it’s common for regular hand washing to lead to irritated, dry skin. The easiest way to share the skincare love is by putting excess face care formulas to good use – like a Korean sheet mask. All that beautiful solution left inside the packaging could go to your hands, neck, elbows, and anywhere else that might need a little TLC. For dryness, we recommend our Natural Essential Mask Brightening. The essence is made with vitamin B3 derivative and extracts from different berries which help brighten dull skin and give a healthy glow. Perfect for all-over radiance.

Aqua Essential Mask Brightening

Aqua Essential Mask Brightening 

Have you always believed that cleansing is only for removing make-up? It’s a common myth. This essential skincare step, in fact, clears sweat, pollution and oils that can build up – keeping our skin fresh, clear and clean. Cleansing draws out debris, sweat, stubborn dirt, and other residue like makeup, oil, and pollutants. Discover our facial foam cleansers - the Aqualuronic cleansing foam, a moisturizing complex containing light, medium or heavy-duty hyaluronic acids, that penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum hydration from within and Peony Bright cleansing foam that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, for clean, clear and brighter skin.

Make time for a massage

We’re sure we don’t need to explain why a relaxing self-massage would work as a moment of self-care in your day, but this relaxing timeout gets visible results, too. Using massage techniques to apply your formulas gives skin a radiant finish – the muscles across your cheeks, forehead and jaw are stimulated, increasing blood flow to your face. Plus, massaging in your intensive skincare formulas helps ensure your skin can soak up every drop. Treat your skin to our Aqualuronic Cream. The gel-like cream texture locks in hydration, giving your skin an intensive moisture boost for a smooth and hydrated finish. To apply, take a scoop of the cream with the enclosed spatula and apply evenly over your face, neck, forehead and chin. Then, put your hands together and pull away the skin in feather-like strokes. To see this facial massage move (and more) in action, watch our rejuvenating massage tutorial with beautician and entrepreneur, Jinny.

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