Korean Skincare Hero: Serums for Every Skin Goal

Super-facialist Teresa Tarmey shares the best AHC serum to target different skin concerns

Wondering where to start with your K-beauty ritual? Essential for glowing, hydrated skin, serums have fast become as much of a skincare staple as the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine. As part of our 21 Days to Glow campaign, we’ve booked an appointment with A-list facialist Teresa Tarmey to learn which serums are ideal for enhancing your hydrating, aging, winter, and sensitive skincare rituals to address specific concerns.


If you’re looking for your introductory K-beauty formula, serum is a great place to start. This step sits after your cleanser, toner and emulsion, before your targeting treatments (like eye cream) and face cream. Thanks to their high concentration, serums are potent and often thicker in consistency than your cleanser and toner and tend to come in a smaller bottle.

Korean skincare is famous for the glass-like, chok-chok finish, and the formulations and technologies behind the serums really deliver this skin goal. Here’s a selection of AHC serums to help you find the right formula for your skin’s needs...

For hydrating skin

The range

Meet the most hydrating AHC range:Aqualuronic. This serum gives you a moisture boost for beautifully soft skin.

The key ingredient

This serum (and the entire Aqualuronic range) contains Triple Hyaluronic Acid. You might be familiar with hyaluronic acid – a well-known ingredient in the beauty world. But, did you know this component can be found naturally in your body, and is especially important for your skin? Hyaluronic acid can – incredibly – retain moisture up to 1000 times its own weight and works to lubricate the skin tissues. This is a valuable benefit as we age, especially when hyaluronic acid levels naturally deplete as we get older.

AHC has been working with hyaluronic acid for years and pioneered a unique development for hydrating skin. Products with Triple Hyaluronic Acid contain three hyaluronic acid molecule sizes instead of one – combining low, medium, and high molecules for effective absorption. The various sizes help the serum penetrate your skin and replenish lost hyaluronic acid. The result? Bouncy, dewy, glass-like skin that’s hydrated from within. It’s clinically proven to improve your skin hydration by 84%.

Aqualuronic Serum Triple Hyaluronic

 For youthful skin

The range

Every formula in the 365 Red range is blended with luxurious Egyptian Red Hibiscus; harvested in Egypt and crafted in Korea. Pure luxury for your anti-aging skincare routine. 

The key ingredient

Red Hibiscus is known for its high concentration of Anthocyanin (pronounced ahn-tho-cy-ah-nin). This ingredient acts as an antioxidant and is known to help encourage skin repair and fight the signs of aging. This helps AHC create their best serum for aging skin.

This miracle flower gives the serum its beautiful color and texture. Active ingredients react when the formula comes into contact with other substances – even air! With each formula being so sensitive to its surroundings, AHC has designed the packaging to minimize oxidation during application. The reverse pump eliminates any risk of oxidizing the product, unlike if you were to scoop out the serum with your hands or expose unused formula in a jar.

365 Red Serum Antioxidant

*The 365 Red Range can we exclusively found at Watsons UAE. Please visit www.watsons.ae for more information

For brighter skin

The range

Targeting pigmentation and dullness is a leading focus in Korean skincare. Labs are forever developing ways to give iconic lit-from-within, youthful-looking skin – this is exactly how Peony Bright was born.

The key ingredient(s)

The name says it all! Pink peonies are sourced directly from a beautiful Korean province, known for fresh air and lush forests. Then a potent concentrate is extracted using a method inspired by the Korean traditional fermentation method. Vitamin C derivatives and vitamin B3 are added. The end formula not only gives a brighter, radiant glow but also protects skin from blue light damage. Increased screen time has been proven to trigger spots, wrinkles, fine lines and pores. Applying vitamin B3 as part of your regime protects and neutralizes your skin from common skin complaints caused by blue light. And, if you apply the range regularly, AHC aestheticians promise you will see a result in just four weeks!

After you apply, this brightening serum transforms from a white formula turns into a sheer pink hue – the same radiant, glowing finish you will see on your skin!

peony bright luminous serum for brighter skin


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