K-Beauty Secrets: Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

Have you heard Korea’s most coveted beauty secret?

Learn the science behind our iconic Eye Cream for Face

It’s one of Korea’s leading eye creams* – with one sold every three seconds – so what makes our iconic Essential Real Eye Cream for Face so effective?

At AHC, we proudly craft everyday skincare that’s powered by cutting-edge science. That’s why all of our skin care products are scientifically formulated to give you the same glowing skin results you’d get from a Korean aesthetic clinic – but from the comfort of your own home.

As part of our 21 Days to Glow campaign, we asked Laura Chen (MSc Bioengineering) from our Research and Development team to share all you need to know about our game-changing moisturizer.If hydrated, luminous, glowing skin is your goal, our Essential Real Eye Cream for Face is the answer. Our mega-seller moisturizer delivers visible results compared with other – less concentrated – alternatives.

It’s all about applying the same level of potency of an eye care product, but to your whole face. The skin on your eye area is thinner, and more prone to damage, so your eye cream will usually be highly concentrated and carefully formulated to be gentle yet effective on delicate skin. At AHC, we’ve proudly developed a formula that’s as effective as an eye cream, but still able to be applied all over as a face cream. The Eye Cream for Face is now a much-loved moisturizer in South Korea – a highly developed and competitive skincare market.

Laura Chen Research and Developer at AHC China

“This everyday product is a fuss-free way to achieve a gorgeous healthy glow at home”

Laura Chen Research and Developer at AHC China 

Powered by science

So – most importantly – how does it improve skin elasticity, help to fight wrinkles and give general luminosity? Essential Real Eye Cream for Face is a highly concentrated moisturizer, formulated with 12 natural peptides and 7 patented vegetable protein moisturizers known to give your skin a healthy glow.

Peptides are multi functional ingredients renowned for their ability to boost collagen production and reduce the impact of lines and wrinkles on your skin.

AHC Peptides


The vitamins blended into this formula act as a powerful antioxidant and work to reduce damage from free radicals (such as sun damage, stress and pollution). Plus, these vitamins work to effectively improve skin tone.

AHC Vitamins


This iconic eye cream provides a potent dose of concentrated nutrients that are effectively absorbed into your skin – all thanks to our unique Microsome Technology. Our patented Korean skincare technology converts ingredients into microcapsules to closely mimic your skin’s natural structure. This means the formula can be easily absorbed into your skin.

 Microsome Technology by AHC

"Essential Real Eye Cream for Face is clinically proven to instantly hydrate skin by 82% after just one use"
Laura Chen, AHC Research & Development Scientist

Superior skincare benefits

Enriched with the very best anti-aging ingredients formulated in optimal ratios, Essential Real Eye Cream for Face is clinically proven to instantly hydrate skin by 82% after just one use. And, because it’s so concentrated, it delivers nutrients deep into the skin, helps fight the look of wrinkles and reduces signs of dullness for glowing skin results. Plus, with its beautifully silky texture, it’s rich yet lightweight and absorbs instantly without a trace of greasiness.

If you’re a fan of the science, you’ll love the techniques we swear by to deliver aesthetician-quality skincare results every time. Head over to Instagram to uncover more K-beauty tutorials, hacks and advice for the ultimate glow.

Or simply shop Essential Real Eye Cream for Face and get glowing..

*Top Brand, AHC, in Premium Eye Cream market from 2016-2019

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